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Atelier, Montreal


" Leather has for its renown the curious habit of shining"


Apprentice,sandal belt sheath maker, trader in fine leather goods with

Claude Coquaire (from Maison Hermès of Lyon)

in Aix-en-provence, Toulon, Cannes and Paris.


Active member of Québec's artisans guild.

Foundation of "La peau du Diable" workshop boutique in Issoudun, Québec.

1975-85 et 2004-2006:


fifty exhibitions/vernissage

(see pictures below) in Paris, Toulon, Cannes, around the province of Québec, Montréal (Restaurant "Aux Lilas" 2003,2006), Ottawa, Toronto, New-York...


  • Birth of Cuir à Coeur at the University of Ottawa, Canada
  • B.A. in History of Art (leather)
  • B.A. in History of Music (guitar-harmonica)
  • B.A. Cum Laude, French Literature
  • Photography, special effects for movies
  • Colorist, varnisher, antique furniture...
  • Finisher: decoration/design, all kinds of jobs: manors, villas, cellars, studios, etc.


Moving Cuir à Coeur to Montréal and strengthening product lineup.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

"C'était le temps des fleurs" 1975-1982

Invitation cards : 2003 / 2006

Abbaye d'Oka, Québec - Easter 2009

Ste-Adèle & Lachute Market - Christmas 2009

Oka Abbey Christmas 2009: all in red and white leather

Exhibition at Carrefour Argenteuil, Lachute, Qc. stand #12, Spring 2010

Craft Exhibition at Saint-André Avellin, Qc. May 2010

Other products from Cuir à Coeur (see the miscellaneous section):

Restoring and refinishing antique furniture
Applying carved leather and stones.

Game creations (up to 4 interchangeable games) with drawers for pieces and pouches.

Book Jackets
Standard/pocket or custom made, also available with a reproduction of the cover, embossed, pyrographed with gold highlights, colored, personalized.

Masks, mirrors, furniture, lamps, frames, snuff-boxes with paper dispenser, handbags - saddles and handles for motorcycles, all kinds of cases, key rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets...