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" Leather has for its renown the curious habit of shining"

All braided in one piece.
Amongst the proud owners of this supple lifelasting accessory:
Princess Ann of england with
7 beautifully breaded (7 strings) on her visit to Quebec in the eighties

  • The "Québécoise" (regular 5 strings) stronger and as comfortable as a "flat" belt with interchangeable buckle. A classic for life -over 5000 currently in use- size 18 to 78 inches! (all sizes over 42 inches and/or with more than 5 strings are special order)

  • The Doubles (2 x 5 or 7 strings), the Triples (3 x 5 strings) are to wear with sexy jeans or evening gowns, for special occasions, very chic! Amazing!

  • The 15 strings: Unique! Unibody (braided in one piece) offers an amazing comfort: each string caresses your hips and follows any movement of your body, for life. The greater flexibility of this complex braiding exercise implies a certain fragility, the hand finished strings will not tolerate any cell phone or measuring tape clipped to them. Available in any color, sizes 18 to 38 inches only.

  • The Superspecial 45 strings: (3x 15 strings) with braided strap (5 strings), its bracelet (5 strings) and ankle bracelet (7 strings) very sensual. (see 3 pictures)

  • The Chiseled/Gold plated:, flat, with sometimes stones, doubled (glued/stitched) special buckles from around the world, rounded or straight shapes, to fit your personality. Special order only

  • The "Noires de scène" (flat) created to perform on stage under the projectors, pearl finish, interchangeable buckles available in all colors & textures.

  • The Bracelets (5 strings) in many, many, many colors.

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